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- Soot cleaning machines

- Ductless Hood​​

- Soot cleaning machines for wood-fired ovens

- Soot cleaning machines for electric ovens​

- Soot cleaning machines for charcoal grills

- Ozone generators

- Filters for kitchen hoods

- Stainless Steel Fans

- Activated carbon cleaners

- Electrostatic Filters

- TranBelt driven double inlet box fans

- Kitchen hoods for catering




Soot cleaning system

based on water

for the treatment of air and odors.


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The Ozone Generators are machines for the treatment of air and odors, for the total disinfestation and deodorization of the environments.

They are permanent fire protection systems.

Ozone generators help keep ducts clean of grease and dirt, avoiding fire hazards

Deodorant filtering system.

Ozone is a highly reactive gas with a pungent odor and high concentrations of blue color. Equipped with a high oxidizing power.

Ozone is a molecule formed by 3 oxygen atoms; in nature it is formed during phenomena such as lightning.

In fact, oxygen tends to assume the diatomic form (O2), hence ozone.

Subjected to an environment that is also weakly reactive or with energy emissions (UV rays), it disintegrates, releasing oxygen.

This characteristic makes it a very strong oxidizer.

Its reactivity is used in sterilization and purification processes.

To produce ozone, the natural phenomenon that creates it in lightning is replicated, by passing an air current through a strong electric field of 6000v. The addition of ozone to the air rich in impurities captured by the hood, causes the impurities themselves (eg fat particles), chemically attacked, to dissolve.

Downstream of the system there is an activated carbon control unit, equipped with a fan, which eliminates ozone and residual odors before re-injecting the treated air into the environment, which is expelled without odors, particles and ozone.

An active ozone-carbon treatment guarantees a 99% reduction of odors and suspended particles.


Data Sheet

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Single 230 - Three-phase 230/380

The line eOzoner is equipped with the technology of REVERSE air through the production of Negative Anions.

Suitable to perform the sanitation of the home, office, shop, a restaurant, a hotel, a boat, camper or anywhere you want to sanitize, and sanitize.

VERSIONS: 5 gr/h; 10 gr/h; 20 gr/h


Etc Group S.r.l. produces ozone generators for the treatment of odors and fats since the year 2012.

These plants have solved problems both on new plants and also on existing plants, problems due to the frying process, in the kitchens of Chinese restaurants and traditional kitchens.

These machines are located upstream of the hood and suction systems.

Downstream of the plant there is one control unit with activated carbon, equipped with a fan, to eliminate ozone and residual odors before re-injecting the treated air into the environment, so that it is expelled without odors, particles and unreacted ozone.

Treatment with ozone and activated carbon guarantees a 99% reduction in odors and suspended particles.
The system must be applied as in the manual, with forced suction downstream of the system.

In addition to this, ozone oxidises and destroys 99.98% of viruses, bacteria, molds and mites in a natural, economical and ecological way, avoiding the use of chemical disinfectants; it is not flammable or explosive.
After use it becomes pure oxygen, leaving no residue, purifying the air and neutralizing the smell of smoke.

It is in fact recognized by the Ministry of Health as a "natural garrison for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, etc." (Protocol 24482 of 07/31/1996).

* Not suitable for the treatment of white fumes, generated
from burning oil, meat fats, hamburgers and more. These fumes are treated with our electrostatic filters (see paragraph electrostatic filters)

COD.  G.Ozono  03 - 70 

Code. STAINLESS steel.4.EBR 280

Ozone generator with up to 70 g of ozone emission per hour.

Suitable for a 4m wall-mounted hood.

COD.  G.Ozono  03 - 60 

Ozone generator with up to 60 g of ozone emission per hour.

Suitable for a 3m wall-mounted hood

COD.  G.Ozono  03 - 40 

Ozone generator with up to 40 g of ozone emission per hour.

Suitable for a 2m wall-mounted hood

Contact us with confidence and we will find together the best solution for your needs.​​

COD.  G.Ozono  03 - 30 

Ozone generator with up to 70 g of ozone emission per hour.

Suitable for a 1,5 m wall-mounted hood.

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